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Foxboro is a global supplier of instrumentation to the process industry. Differentiated technologies and know-how are applied in our clients’ manufacturing facilities to provide better quality, higher yields, improved throughput, lower costs, and increased safety. Lean manufacturing facilities incorporate measurement and control innovations to produce state of the art instrumentation. Foxboro Field Devices employs production staff in Stuttgart Germany (Stuttgart), Soultz France (Soultz), and Foxboro USA (Foxboro). Sub-manufacturing is located in Shanghai China.

Foxboro Field Devices offers Foxboro and Foxboro Eckardt products to Chemical, Power, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Water & Wastewater, and Paper industries. Proprietary sensing, measuring and control technology includes Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level, Process Analytical, Positioners, Recorders, and Controllers.

Foxboro clients are some of the world’s most important industrial organizations — large oil refineries; chemical, gas, LNG, power, pharmaceutical and mineral processors; food and beverage companies; metals and mining companies; water and wastewater facilities; pulp and paper mills — and its solutions deliver significant cost benefits associated with the secure, efficient operation of industrial plants and facilities.